Judann A’s Real Wedding Story and Photos!

I wanted to take this opportunity to specially thank you for casting your magical wand on our special day. My dress and attire was EVERYTHING i imagined it to be and more.

Thank you for listening to me and really bringing some of my ideas to life.

The thing is you can imagine something but never know how it will turn out but from day one I had faith in your exceptional talent. You both patiently advised me, took my thoughts into consideration and ALWAYS ALWAYS did your best. I still have memories of the day I picked up my and the whole Musette family was with me way past your store closing hours and helped me with my put the dress in the taxi and I drove off to the airport on a rainy day in I drove off I saw all 3 off you bid me goodbye and it felt like my family was wishing me well. It still brings tears to my eyes. The best part of buying a dress is not the dress but the experience that comes with it and you all outdid yourselves! I have spent my whole life living far away from people I love because of my career so it was obvious that I'd be picking out my dress alone............but I was wrong! I found family in you guys and I will cherish that all my life

So THANK YOU once again for your honesty, patience, understanding, remarkable talent and care! Needless to say my dress was a super super hit ... nothing like anyone had ever seen before! People are still talking about it...lelong you are my fairy godmother and Alina my fairy.

Here are some initial pictures from the ceremony wedding. The official photos will take a little while but will definitely send them to you.

Hope to see you all when I am in Boston next.

I wish you even more success in all you do.